List of Upcoming Courses


You must join DCTV as a member before you can register for any of our courses.  

DCTV 101

DCTV 101 is a prerequisite for anyone interested in using DCTV facilities (including channel time and equipment). This workshop will provide you with an overview of DCTV’s programming policies and procedures, in addition to providing valuable insight to the many services, activities, and resources available with your membership. You'll learn about the history of community television and DCTV and the role you will play as a member.  We'll also discuss strategies designed to help you make the most out of your membership as well as essential tips for a successful and mutually beneficial relationship between you and DCTV.  Mandatory session (one evening).

- Thurdsday, July 27, 7pm - 9pm

- Thursday, September 7, 7pm - 9pm

- Thursday, September 21, 7pm - 9pm




If you have a smartphone or mobile device, you have access to an amazingly powerful resource right at your fingertips.  This class is for anyone interested in elevating their phonetography and video skills level using your mobile device. You'll learn phonetography skills like how to craft your story, shot composition, audio and stabilization techniques, quick editing, apps that help you create high-quality projects and we'll finish up with a fun photo/video project. 

Please bring your personal device to this workshop.


Technical Requirements:

All participants must bring their own mobile device  (smartphone or tablet) with a camera such as an iPhone/iPad, Windows phone/tablet, Android phone/tablet. It is recommended that you have at least 2 GB of free space and a charger.

Prerequisite: None

Fee: Residents: $25 | Non-Residents of DC: $35

2017 Class Dates: Coming Soon!





Whether you're using video or audio, the key to a successful production begins with a good story. This course provides hands-on training for participants looking to hone and grow their multimedia skill set for audio and video productions. 

Coming Soon!



From script development to hiring the crew, producing is the organized creative vision that drives every aspect of the production process. Learn the basic principles, procedures, terms and techniques of television production. This course covers important fundamentals of planning, producing, scripting, directing, and editing for television. Students who successfully complete Producing will be allowed to reserve field production equipment and DCTV studios, with the help of DCTV certified technicians.

Course Outline: 8 weeks - 6 classes, 1 field production, 1 studio production, and 2 editing sessions

Certification: To become certified as a DCTV producer, you must produce a class project, consisting of field and studio segments, and pass a written test.

Prerequisite: DCTV 101

Fee: Residents: $150 | Non-Residents of DC: $175


2017 Class Dates:

- Tuesdays, August 1 - September 19, 7pm - 9pm

Studio Shoot: Saturday, September 16


- September 28 – November 16, 7pm - 9pm

Studio Shoot: November 11



From digital cameras to audio and lighting equipment, a studio technician operates and maintains a wide variety of equipment used in television production programs. Receive hands-on training of all studio and control room positions and equipment (audio, switcher, character generator, teleprompter, floor director, studio cameras, lighting and set design).

After rotating through all areas, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency in each area during a class project and mock productions.

Course Outline: 7 weeks - 6 classes, 1 studio shoot, and 1 lab session on a DCTV or volunteer show

Certification: To become certified as a studio technician, you must successfully operate studio equipment during a student production and pass a written test.

Prerequisite: Producing

Fee: Residents: $85 | Non-Residents of DC: $110


2017 Class Dates:

- Mondays, July 24– September 11, 7pm - 9pm

Studio Shoot: Saturday, September 16


- Tuesdays, September 26 – November 7, 7pm - 9pm

Studio Shoot: Saturday, November 11 



Learn one of the most valuable ways for communicating in the digital age: videography. Receive hands-on training in field production techniques (camera, audio, lighting) and shoot a field project with a student producer from the Producing class. Students will have the opportunity to see how their footage was edited when they attend final critique class.

Course Outline: 5 weeks - 4 classes, production of 1 field project

Certification: To become certified as a videographer, you must shoot a field project and pass a written test.

Prerequisite: Producing

Fee: Residents: $85 | Non-Residents of DC: $110


2017 Class Dates:

- Tuesdays, August 1 – September 5, 7pm - 9pm


- Thursdays, September 28 – November 2, 7pm - 9pm



This course teaches the basics of video editing by understanding editing theory and learning practical applications using industry standard software. Learn how to capture footage working from edit decision lists, apply transitions and music and create text. In Basic Editing, you will use pre-shot footage, as well as edit student projects that will air on DCTV channels.

Course Outline: 6 weeks - 5 classes, 6 additional lab hours, 2 project edit sessions

Certification: To become certified as an Editor, you must edit a class project and pass a written test.

Prerequisite: Producing

Fee: Residents: $180 | Non-Residents of DC : $210


2017 Class Dates:

- Thursdays, August 3 – September 7, 7pm - 9pm


- Wednesdays, September 27 – November 1, 7pm - 9pm



DCTV's new DSLR class will cover the basics of shooting narrative video with separately tracked audio. Using a professional, high-quality camera, the Canon 5D Mark III, participants will hone their skills by learning traditional film-style production techniques used in fiction storytelling. Lessons include: DSLR camera capabilities, white balancing, shutter speed, aperture, and shooting from a storyboard. In this course, students will script, storyboard, shoot and edit a Public Service Announcement that will air on DCTV’s channel.

Course Outline: 7 weeks - 4 weeks of training, 1 week shooting and 1 week of post production preparation

Prerequisite: Producing and Videography

Fee: Residents:  $125 | Non-Residents of DC: $150


2017 Class Dates:

- Wednesday, August 2 – September 13, 7pm - 9pm