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Season 2

DCTV’s original show is back for another season and we’re kicking things off with some heartfelt stories…starting with a new cohost.

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Watch the Season 2 episode 2 of District Life! All politics aside, District Life tells stories of, for and about our local community, from arts and culture, to local history, to advocacy and entertainment… highlighting our community and neighborhoods across the district and beyond. Be sure to catch a new episode each Tuesday at 8pm.


DCTV’s Candidate Conversations 2022 Primary Election Coverage

The DC Primary Elections are coming soon and DCTV wants to help you to get to know the candidates who are running for various Offices in Washington, DC.

GEORGE FLOYD’S UNCLE SELWYN JONES TEARFULLY REMEMBERS HIS NEPHEW. Watch as DCTV’s Lisa Dee talks to Selwyn Jones as he shares happy memories of George Floyd and explains how having to watch the video of his tragic death continues to haunt him. You’ll also see him walk through Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, DC, outside of the White House for the very first time, to see George Floyd’s name there.

District Life Season 1, Ep 102

District Life Season 1, Ep 106

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