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New! You can now upload your programs online using our Online Program Submission Process. Please read carefully.

  • The DCTV member or organization submitting the program must be identified in the credits. Producer (individual member) or Executive Producer (organization) or Time Slot Sponsor
  • DVDs must include 10 seconds of black before the program begins, then the program, followed by 10 seconds of black. Do not include a program menu, title menu, slate or countdown.
  • Section 450.7 of Producer's Policy Manual states that "No program will be scheduled for telecasting that fails to meet DCTV's audio and visual technical standards."
  • Producers can complete and submit the Program Submission and Volunteer Data forms online. They will receive a Show ID number for encoding within 48 hours.
  • Section 200.8 of Producer's Manual states "Programs suitable for adults only are scheduled at appropriate times, late in the evening. The slate for these programs MUST bear the tag line: Adult Content: Not Suitable for all Audiences"

Basic Program Submission Policies

  1. Channel time is made available on a non-discriminatory basis to members with the aim of being fair and equitable to all. DCTV is responsible for determining the time, place and manner by which programming will reach its audience. All scheduling decisions are final.
  2. Producers are obligated to submit programs in a timely manner so that the cable television viewing audience may learn beforehand about programs on television, in newspapers, and in other promotional materials.
  3. A program submission form must accompany each program submitted for telecasting. Unless otherwise stated in this manual, all programs are due to be submitted no later than the first of the month, prior to the month in which they are to be telecast (e.g. Due November 1st. for telecast in December).
  4. Scheduling considerations may be given to live or timely programs or the first program of any producer or time slot sponsor.
  5. Series Programs is a set of original programs, bound together by a shared theme, that is uniformed in length (29-min.or 58-min. Platform) and telecast in periodic installments.
  6. Single (non-series) programs presents or explores a theme, event, activity, idea, drama, etc. typically arriving at the conclusion by the end of the program. Single programs are scheduled monthly.

Encoding Program Submission Process Summary

  1. Complete and submit the Program Submission form.
  2. Upon receipt of the program submission form, a Show ID will be assigned to you within 48 hours.
  3. Upon receipt of a Show ID, the producer must encode the program within 2 days Review the Encoding Procedures.
    Encoding sessions must be completed by 9pm Mon-Fri and by 5pm Sat.
    (Encoding stations will be available for members to place their programs directly on DCTV servers at no charge. (DCTV will offer encoding services for a fee for those members who request this service)
  4. Once the program is encoded, the Producer is required to submit the FORM(s) to DCTV’s Programming Dept. Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm or Production Dept. Mon – Fri 6pm – 9pm or Sat 12 noon – 5pm
  5. Programs submitted by mail or in-person must be accompanied by a Program Submission Form, the media, and a check or money order for encoding fee(s) made payable to DCTV. Mail to: DCTV Programming Department, 901 Newton Street, NE, Washington, DC 20017.
  6. Programs received by mail or in-person will not be accepted unless they are labeled precisely, as follows. Labels must be affixed to each program medium and storage jacket. (Items in brackets are optional.)
    Producer’s name
    Producer’s telephone number
    Series and/or program title
    Program record date
    Total Run Time (TRT) to the nearest second [Important Notifications]
  7. For programs received by mail or in-person: the slate, or label, of each program submitted for telecasting, which is to be permanently affixed to the medium and case or sleeve, is to contain (items in boldface are mandatory):
    • tag line, if needed
    • program or series title
    • subtitle, if applicable
    • episode number
    • executive producer’s legal identity
    • Public Access Corporation of DC Credit (if produced with DCTV facilities)
    • production dates

If you want your original tape or DVD that you submitted to DCTV for airing, Section 200.12 in our Producer's Policy Manual states:

Unless other arrangements are made, producers must retrieve their program masters within 60 days of last telecast, providing DCTV with at least 24 hours notice prior to pick or with a self-stamped, self-address mailer.

Programs that are not retrieved or arranged for return according to our policy will be destroyed.

Online Program Submission Process Summary

  1.  Complete and submit an Online Program Submission Form
  2. Upon receipt of the Program Submission Form, a Show ID number will be assigned within 48 hrs.
  3. Your Show ID number will be emailed to you along with the On-Line submission format settings and instructions. 
  4. Upon receipt of the Show ID and instructions, producers must be upload the program file within 2 days.